AiChain It is a first ever artificial intelligence marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contract, block chain, future oriented ideas of connecting people and performing operations by analyzing users preferences. Project Engine Innovative Token Design


Why Choosing AiChain Project?

AiChain is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions.

The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on artificial intelligence approach. It is a first ever artificial intelligence marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contract, block chain, future oriented ideas of connecting people and performing operations by analyzing users preferences.

AiChain Project is Global market Platform or on-demand services based on unique AI and blockchain technologies and a place to grow our community and transparently develop apps (open source).

On-Demand Services Included


Add as many services as you want and cover the whole market to earn smooth Payment with AiChain token, real-time tracking on every task or job that happens through the service on demand apps  Add/ Manage your own Categories & Subcategories..

Baby Sitter

On Demand | Day Care On Demand | Mother’s Helper On Demand | Baby Care On Demand | Nannies On Demand


On Demand Haircut | Hair Salon On Demand | Home Barber Service On Demand | Hair Styler On Demand 


On Demand Beach Body Workout On Demand | Beachbody On Demand Workouts | Beach Body Exercises On Demand services

Beauty Services

Beauty On Demand | Masseur On Demand | Makeup On Demand | On Demand Beauty Services | Beauty Makeup On Demand | Professional Makeup On Demand

Car repair

Car Maintenance On Demand | Car Repair On Demand | Uber For Mechanics | On Demand Mechanic | On Demand Car Repair  at home : On Demand Mechanic check up

Computer Repairer

Computer Technician On Demand | Laptop Screen Repair On Demand | Computer Repair On Demand | On Demand Motherboard Repair  at home 


Electricians Services On Demand | Repair Services On Demand

Fitness Coach

On Demand Workouts | Exercise On Demand | Dietician On Demand | Fitness Trainer On Demand | Gym Instructor On Demand | Physiotherapy On Demand | on demand special Fitness program

Dog Walking

Pet Walking On Demand | Dog Sitting On Demand | Dog Walking Services On Demand | Dog Walker On Demand

Home Painting

Painters On Demand | Interior Home Painting On Demand | Exterior Home Painting On Demand | House Painting On Demand

Home Cleaning

On Demand House Cleaning | On Demand Cleaning Service | House Cleaning Service On Demand | On Demand Home Services | House Cleaners On Demand


Music Band On Demand | DJ Music On Demand | DJ Booking On Demand | Entertainment On Demand


Helpmate On Demand | Housemaid On Demand | House Keeper On Demand | Birthday Helper on Demand

Interior Decorator

On Demand Interior Decoration | Home Interior On Demand | Interior Design On Demand | House Interior On Demand | Interior Home Decoration On Demand |

Road Assistance

Towing Services On Demand | Out Of Fuel Services On Demand | Flat Tire Services On Demand | Fuel Service On Demand


Lawyers On Demand | On Demand Lawyers | On Demand Legal Services | Office Lawyers On Demand

Lock Smith

On Demand Locksmith | Locksmith On Demand | Locksmith Services On-Demand


Maid On Demand | On Demand Maid Service | Residential Cleaning On Demand | Floor Cleaning On Demand | Deep Cleaning | AirBnb Cleaning and check in/out


Thai Massage On Demand | Swedish Massage On Demand | Pre-Natal Massage On Demand | Deep Tissue On Demand


Uber For Mechanic | On Demand Mechanic | On Demand Car Repair | On Demand Auto Repair | Uber For Auto Repair | Uber For Car Repair | arranging delivery


Plumbing Services On Demand | Plumber On Demand | On Demand Plumbing | On Demand Plumbers | Commercial Plumbing On Demand | Urgent request Services

On Demand Service Apps


  • Gone are the days when users would have to download multiple apps for the different services or deliveries that they would be requiring for themselves. But thanks to the Aichain On Demand Service will  Provider App, users can book multiple services like Massage, Beautician, Doctor, etc, for themselves just with the help of a few taps on their device like their smartphone device or iPhone device.
  • The functioning of the Service Provider App is simple. The user and the service providers need to login or signup on the app either through one single tap upon selecting the social media profile of their choice which includes LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook or by entering their basic details like name, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • For the app of the user as soon as the user completes the login they are shown the application menu which contains all the services that are offered to the user on the service provider app.
  • User taps on the service that they need from the app which includes beauty services, home cleaning, doctor, dog grooming, etc and upon tapping on the service, they can tap on the subcategories of the service/services that they require. For example, if the user taps on beauty service, they are provided with a list of subcategories and the user can thereby select one category or multiple categories that they require from the beautician service.
  • The user now gets presented with a list of service providers and they can sort their search based on featured, nearby or rating and the distance of the service provider.
  • The user now taps on the service provider of their choice and gets presented with the services that the service provider offers thus empowering them to select one service or multiple services that they require from the service provider along with their gallery and past reviews.
  • User selects the service or services that they require from the service provider and then taps on the checkout button which in turn presents them with the booking details containing the details of the service/services, the coupon they can apply for a discount, the mode of payment which they can choose, the booking location and the day when they need the booking, i.e., book now or schedule for later. User can choose from the following options while making payment,  Digital Wallet connect using Aichain or BNB ,  and can choose from two locations, namely, location of user and location of the service provider.
  • The service provider receives the request for the service that needs to be provided along with the location where user wants service and thereby accept or decline the request.
  • Upon accepting the request for the service by the service provider, the user receives a notification on their device with ‘Service Provider Accepted Requested’ and can keep track of the service provider and the both can remain connected via VOIP based Call Masking or internet calls and the in-app chat feature.
  • As soon as service provider reaches the location of user they tap on ‘Arrived’ in order to enlighten the user about their arrival which in turn gets notified to the user on their app as ‘Service Provider Arrived’ and slide on ‘Start’ to start the service and the user gets notified that the services have started.
  • As soon as the service gets completed, the service provider will tap on ‘Completed’ to notify the completion of the job which in turn would get sent to the user as ‘Job Completed’.
  • Upon the job completed, the app of the service provider gets an invoice summary auto generated containing the details of the service/services along with the mode of payment selected by the user which also gets shared with the user.
  • User and the service provider can leave a review for each other with the end of the services and the payment process getting completed with the review in turn containing the details of the experience of the service offered and received.